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Home Guidelines and Conditions

Film Guidelines and Conditions

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Niue Film Commission Guidelines


General Filming Guidelines


  1. The initial application process and subsequent follow-up will be handled through the Niue Film Commission, EPDS, Finance & Planning Department, Govt of Niue, P.O.Box 95, Alofi, NIUE, ph(683)4148 fx(683)4183, eM  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  Filming includes videotaping and still photography;
  2. Please fill out the Film Permit Application completely and attached following documents, including additional documents necessary for providing supporting information for the production;
    1. Written permission if required from the property owner(s) and tenant(s) of each location to be used;
    2. Any other document required by the Niue Film Commission from time to time;
  3. The General Filming Guidelines is subject to change without notice.


Standard Film Permit Conditions


  1. Location Manager or Production Manager should check in with local film liaison officer(s).  Officer(s) must be present for the duration of the filming, and should remain on location until film vehicles and crew are loaded and left the location;
  2.  The film liaison officer will liaise between the Niue Film Commission and the Film Company.  He/She should make every attempt possible to assist the Film Company to accomplish your filming; however their primary responsibility is to see that all film production is done safely with minimum amount of disruption to the citizens of Niue.  Remember that they are the employees of the Niue Film Commission and not the Film Company.  However, they are expected to make themselves readily available and to assist the Film Company in every way possible within the guidelines of the permit.
  3.  The Film Company must have a copy of the film permit in their possession.  Review the permit and signature sheet.  Film companies if required, must obtain written consent with signature from land and property owners of the location(s) the film production taking place;
  4. A location, road or sea track closure is not permitted for filming at any time unless you have location/road/sea track closure permit from the Niue Film Commission, in addition to it being noted on your film permit.
  5. If a film company wants to do something that is not covered on the permit, the film company must contact the Niue Film Commission for permission;
  6. Film liaison or police officers assigned to film locations has the authority to enforce all safety regulations, laws and village councils by-laws.  If he/she observes an unsafe situation, he/she is authorised to stop the film production until the situation is corrected.
  7. Film production involving shooting video footage of sea mammals such as whales and sea snakes must follow and comply with Fisheries Department rules to avoid causing stress to mammals and disturbance to their habitat.  NO mammals shall be removed from their habitat. 
  8. All film production activities that involve viewing or swimming with marine mammals in Niue must have relevant permits from Fisheries  Department. These permits determine the number of trips per day permissible, the times and duration of shooting and the particular marine mammal species allowed to be viewed. In reference to swimming with marine mammals, these permits also determine the number of swimmers/divers allowed in the water at any one time.
  9. Permit-tees agree to comply with all applicable laws and to maintain the premises\locations in good condition and return said premises\locations in the same condition as it was before said.


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